Earn 20% referring people to the Holistic Workshop Academy!

Here is how to get started:

  1. Sign up as an affiliate, if you haven’t done so already at this link: https://www.mcssl.com/SYS/?m=318154&c=s
  2. You will receive an email from the system with your username and password. Save this email. It also contains your default affiliate link. Use this link anywhere to promote the products. Use it on websites, blogs, Facebook, twitter, other social media, email and anywhere else you can think of. The email also contains a link for checking your commissions, and accessing your affiliate resources.
  3. Log in to the affiliate system with your username and password at: https://www.mcssl.com/SYS/?m=318154&c=l
  4. Once you log in you will see this page:
    HWA Affiliate Home

    Click to enlarge

    To get started click on Links and Tools. In the dropdown menu, next to “Choose a Program” Select “Holistic Workshop Academy Affiliate Program” Then click the “Display Links” Button.

    Choose a program

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  5. THWA Standard Linkhe first box contains you standard affiliate link. Under the text that reads: “Simply copy and paste the code below into your website or your particular application.” You will find your standard affiliate link. Highlight the entire link and copy it to the clipboard. You can past this link anywhere to let people know about the program.
  6. Under the Main Menu, you will see a sub menu that says “Ads > Text Links > Banners” (Possible other resources to be added in the future) Click each one to see the available resources below.
    Ads Links Banners
  7. Click “Banners” These are great for use on Websites and Blogs.Text mode Scroll through to find the banner you would like to use. Under the banner, once again you will see, “Simply copy and paste the code below into your website or your particular application.”   Click once inside the code to highlight it. You can press, Ctrl A (Control button and the A key at the same time) or on the Mac, Cmd A to ensure that ALL of the code is highlighted. Copy it to the clipboard. Paste it as HTML code into your website.  If using WordPress, select “TEXT” in the where it says “Visual – Text” near the top of your editor. This puts you in HTML mode.
    It may be helpful to add some additional text, in your own words to highlight the benefits of the program.
  8. Click “Text Links”  in the sub menu near the top of the page. Again highlight the code under where it says, “Simply copy and paste the code below into your particular application.” Paste the code into your website or blog in HTML or “Text” mode. You can use this text at the beginning, middle or end of a sentence, again use your own words to talk about the benefits of the program. You can even edit the text within the link to your own liking.
  9. Facebook –HWA Facebook to post on Facebook, use the standard Affiliate Link, described in step 5 above. Simply paste the link into your Update Status box. After a few seconds a preview image and site link will appear below. Add a few words of your own to encourage people to check out the Holistic Workshop Academy and hit enter.
  10. Twitter and others – Paste the link into a Tweet and add a few words to encourage folks to click.
  11. Emails – You can also use the Standard link in emails. Send it to lots of people you know. You never know who could be interested!


Possible text/ideas for sharing your affiliate link:

 Link program offers to what YOU offer – make the connection for your clients, talk about your module & what you’ll be teaching, and how it will be enhanced and expanded upon in the other modules by the other speakers.

Talk about how when you got started & how you wish there had been a program like this to walk you through the process, answer your questions, provide guidance from those who had gone before you when you got started, how much time, money, etc. that the mentorship & information the Turn Your Wisdom into Worshops program would have saved you!

 Text that your list will relate to:

  • Are you just getting started and wanting to get on the fast track to growing your business?
  • Are you earning a good living, but feel like you have no life outside of your business and want to manage your business instead of it managing you?
  • Are you happy with your journey so far, but ready to take your business and income to the next level (and beyond!)?
  • Your potential clients need to know that what you offer will: 1) improve the quality of their life and 2) they must trust that you are someone who can help solve their problems.
  • One of the most effective ways provide more value and build trust is by offering educational opportunities that address their needs.

Benefits to the participant:

  • Increase your income and promote personal growth while boosting your ability to make a substantial difference in the world.
  • Wisdom to Workshops program provides a roadmap for you to transform your knowledge and experience into wealth-building opportunities.
  • Inaugural Program pricing – 50% off the fee for future programs – don’t miss out on this substantial savings!

Benefits & Features of Wisdom to Workshops:

  • templates & checklists you can use to plan your own workshops
  • additional resources that put you on the fast-track to growing your business
  • mentoring from experts who share their best tips and insights so you can avoid costly mistakes and gain from their years of experience.

Talk about how you will share your expertise.


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